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Car City - City Patrolling

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Product Description

a) Topping/ Decoration - Police car toy (inedible), Aeroplane toy (inedible), Taxi toy (inedible), Signboard toy (inedible), Thomas The Train toy (inedible), Tower crane toy (inedible), Fence toy (inedible), Cone toy (inedible), Topper (inedible) & Magic chocolate

b) Icing - Fresh cream

c) Layer - Chocolate sponge

d) Filling - Fresh cream

e) Size - 1kg

Best Before

72 hours from delivery or pick up time (must be kept refrigerated).


Retaining the original colour of the cake is highly recommended for quality control. In the event where customer wants to change the colour of the cake, there may be a difference in the intensity of the requested colour in the end product.

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